The Music

The music is an expression of my experience as both a human being and a divine spiritual force.

I believe that we are all channels of light and that we have come to planet Earth in this life to bring our unique gifts of light and love to this dense and troubled Planet.  The music I create comes from that place - A place of light and with divine, loving intention.

There are benevolent beings working with us and through us, and these beings, non physical in there existence, aid in our collective healing through vibration and energetic frequency.

If we are open to it, we can channel the wisdom and information in from these cosmic beings and down deep into the planet Earth and in doing so, raise the collective vibration of Humanity and the Planet.

I look forward to sharing the new music that is currently channeling though me at this time. I cannot take full credit for the creation of this music, as there are many forces of light working through me with messages that I am merely translating into a form that can be heard, understood and felt deep within our beings.

About Me

Since I can remember being passionate or excited about anything, it was music. I was eight years old when I discovered my interest in music. I would sit up all night and early in the morning watching video on RAGE. The first song I was deeply impacted by was 2006 hit 'Spaceman' by Babylon Zoo.

I began writing and recording my own lyrics and songs on cassette tape when I was ten years old with my best friend and by the age of twelve I had been introduced to 'Mixman Studios', a simple DJ style music production studio.

I performed in musical theatre through my teens in school and professional productions as well as had music tuition in a range of instruments including piano, guitar, flute and drums. I never really 'stuck' with my tuition as it seemed very 'by the book' and much like my school education, I felt my talents and potential weren't been nurtured or recognised.

I dropped out of School when I was seventeen and began my independent music career. I taught myself guitar and bought my first synthesiser. I wrote my own music and experimented with beats and pro tools production studio software.  I disregarded everything I had been taught by previous music teachers (or what didn't resonate with me).

When I was seventeen I did volunteer work experience at an independent record label in the heart of Sydney and I played a demo recording to the owner. He told me I had a hit and encouraged me to record it and asked if I had anymore.

This encouraged me to compile a bunch of tracks and on my eighteenth birthday I recorded my first EP 'Chocolate Walls and Waterfalls' (2006) and sent it off to independent and commercial record labels around Australia.

To my surprise and excitement I was called into meet with Warner Music and also visited the SONY music Studios about some of the tracks on my EP. I was young and naive and wasn't entirely sure what these business men wanted from me, but I could tell they didn't want me and my music, as a whole. They suggested taking my songs and re-writing them or taking them and leaving me out.

I knew this was not my path but remained interested in pursuing the possibilities of my pop-star-dream They asked me if I had any shows lined up. I did not. So, I set out into the world and prepared the best live one-woman-show I could! I spent three years gigging and touring around Sydney and recorded my second EP 'Dimensions of Pandemonium'.

During this time I discovered the magical world of 'Doofing' - a unique and inspiring multi-day, outdoor party experience in the Australian Bush. These events changed my life on a deep spiritual, psychological, emotional and creative level and my direction in life changed from pursuing a commercial music career to being a free spirit, singing and dancing and expressing myself in every moment. I was waking up to my divine potential.

I moved away from the big city of Sydney and found solace in nature while I completed my debut album 'Sunships & Starseeds' (2011). This time I had ditched the huge clunky synthesisers, guitars, amps and pedals and switched to a sleekler, light weight laptop, sound card and mic setup. This was great for me as I could travel easily and play gigs with just a backpack. I began touring around Australia at open air music festival or 'Doors' and found myself among the gumtrees and smiling faces.

I continued touring Australia and soon New Zealand while writing, recording and releasing music on the road. in 2012 I released my second album 'Other Worlds' and set off to Europe and the UK for my first world tour.

Soon after my return I released EP #3 'Dark Night of the Soul' (2013) and settle back down in Australian Arts and Culture Capital, Melbourne. In 2015 I released my third album 'Angelic Activism'. I had a feeling this would be my last album for Alice Spacedoll. After a decade of touring and producing I started to feel lost in what I had created. My identity and everything I had created for myself in the world was 'Alice Spacedoll'. I felt I didn't know who I was deeper inside, beyond the personal of 'Alice Spacedoll' so I resigned.

I sold all my beloved music equipment - every guitar, keyboard, synth, microphone and speaker. I gave it all up. I let it all go. I had to. I always knew music was my one true purpose in life but letting it go was the only way I could ever find it again.

I pursued my interest in fashion designs and started a clothing line which was a worthy endeavour for many years to come and in 2018 I decided I wanted to get back into my music. I repurchased studio gear to gett me started and found myself writing a more commercial and satire-inspired, pop music project I named 'Candy Culture'. For this project I made a series of music videos alongside the debut album 'Illusions' (2020). I worked with Audio Engineer Will Railton (aka Bad Tango) to bring this vibrant pop project to life and was so happy to be working with someone as I had previously been working alone. I knew this music wasn't my truth, although I had a lot of fun making it.

During 2019 and 2020 I dove into the world of plant medicines which set me back onto my path of truth and reminded me of the POWER in my voice. My one true purpose in life - TO SING!

So here I am, writing a new Alice Spacedoll Album and ready to share my gifts and talents with the world again and be a guide to others finding their creative potential through their voice!

© 2023 Alice Spacedoll

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